Add subscribers, nurture leads, and develop loyal customers.

A growing, highly-converting marketing funnel and email list should be an integral function of every organization’s marketing funnel. We helppurpose-driven organizations develop engaging content to reach new audiences, grow their email lists, and nurture them to become loyal brand ambassadors.

Content Creation

At BUSINESS CONTACTS & CONSULTING AGENCY OU, we are storytellers. As a leading marketing agency, our team excels in mining the unique experience and knowledge of your organization and moving your audience to action. We will present your organization as a problem-solver and use various digital avenues such as blogs, podcasts, videos and infographics. They will be engaging, build your brand’s credibility and transform your audience into customers and, ultimately, champions of your organization. When your audiences look for guidance within your industry, you will be top-of-mind.

Landing Pages & Pop-ups

Imagine attending a trade show. You want to attract and capture potential clients – what is a simple way to achieve this goal? We recommend creating a website landing page that is specially designed for these prospects to receive further information about your company. This page can also provide new and interesting opportunities for your target audiences to engage with you on your site. Or you can deploy a popup on your website to attract audiences to special content and enhance their connection to your brand. We will work with you to determine which strategy works best for your goals

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